Today, our school concluded its first Careers Week, and what a success it has been! This engaging week-long event was instiagted with the intention to provide our students with the opportunity to explore a wide range of professions, learn first-hand from experts from an array of different professional fields, ask questions and glean an insurmountable of knowledge to fuel their passions and future aspirations.  Five days later, and this goal has certainly been reached!

We culminated the week by awarding our students for their participation and excellence in the various activities that have taken place, thus highlighting their creativity and enthusiasm.

We would like to extend a heartfelt "thank you" to our distinguished guests and extend special recognition to our extremely talented PTSA and all the volunteers who have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of this week. Thanks to their support, creativity and dedication, our students enjoyed a truly enriching experience.

Distinguished Speakers

The professionals who shared their expertise with our students included Giorgio B, Senior Operations Manager QR; Dr. Hina I QR, Doctor; Dr. Sheikh M. A QAS, Environmental Sustainability Specialist; Afroz B. Dentist/PhD Student; Bindiya P. Aeronautical Development Engineer QR; Salima S., Researcher; Sebastian M., Journalist, Producer, and Film Director; Chef Daniele S., Hot Kitchen Chef; Chef Hareesh P., Cold Kitchen Chef; Bilal T., Entrepreneur; Mohamed A. M., Artist; Amna S. A. N., Data Scientist; Anna K., Fashion Entrepreneur; Wasif A. K., Airline Pilot (Captain); Anas A. S., Captain; Mrs. Indira N., IT Director; Prasad E., IT Project Manager; Ms. Tala E. K., HR Director; Nohle G. HR Business Partner; Bodrul H., Psychologist; James G; David P; Gary L.; Rosana H. Abdullah A. J. Entrepreneur; Olivier J. Captain; Daniel H. Chris O. Lawer.

Winning Students

Students received awards across a variety of categories thanks to their participation and level of enaggement in the week's activities. Category winners are as follows:

Best Career Dress:

- Year 1: Riley P. and Viona J.

- Year 2: Sam R. and Shaarvi

- Year 3: Ibrahim S. and Eliora D. C.

- Year 4: Tristan F. and Anahita K.

- Year 5: Cameron and Gabriella

- Year 6: Muhammad Z. A. and Alex D.

Best Career Poster Design:

- Year 5: Aarush G. and Talya E. S.

- Year 6: Dhyan S. and Samaira S.

Best Career CV Design:

- First Place: Shriyans M.

- Second Place: Inaaya U. K.

- Third Place: Sofie I. Shannmukhi V., Aisha K.

**Best Candidate in Job Interview:**

- First Place: Geethika S. V.

- Second Place: Arnav G.

- Third Place: Keith O. and Shriya P.

Best Team in Career Treasure Hunt:

- First Place: Sameeha M., Joyce S., Meryam L., Jude E. H.

- Second Place: Melina S. Tonka P. Alisha A. S., Manha F.

- Third Place: Amina A. S. Laufey G., Kaelyn U., Kiera T.

The school's first-ever Careers Week has been a celebration of learning and career exploration. throughout the school, right from Primary to Sixth Form. The event was spearheaded by the school's Career Guidance Counsellor Mr Charles Amaso, who added "I am so proud to see this wonderful initiative come to fruition and witness the students reaping the rewards of the knowledge that has been imparted.  This was the first Careers Week that the school has hosted, and I am certain it will be the first of many to come!  I would personally like to extend my gratitude to our guest speakers, PTSA and my colleagues here in school that have each individually contributed to the event's success."

Many of our guests have also shared their feedback and thoughts as to the event's success, just a sample of the feedback included:

"It was truly an honor to have the opportunity to share insights about my industry and career journey in Artificial Intelligence (AI) with such an engaged group of students. Meeting the students and teachers was incredibly rewarding, and I was impressed by their curiosity and enthusiasm. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing potential career paths and offering advice on how to prepare for the future. The organization and coordination of the event were exemplary, and I felt warmly welcomed from the moment I arrived at the school." Mrs Amna S A N

"The enthusiasm and curiosity displayed by the Primary students were truly infectious. Their eagerness to learn about various career paths and explore different possibilities was inspiring to witness. It's apparent from the questions we received during the visit that the foundation of inquisitiveness and eagerness to learn is being nurtured exceptionally well at Oryx. Moreover, interacting with the Secondary students was equally rewarding. Their keen interest in delving deeper into the intricacies of different possibilities of our profession showcased a level of maturity and foresight that was commendable also reaffirm our belief in the importance of investing in the next generation. It's incredibly refreshing to see young minds so eager to explore their potential and carve out their paths in the world." Mr, Hareesh P

We are excited about the opportunities that this event has opened up for our students and we are very much looking forward to the next edition of #OryxCareersWeek in the very near future!