This prestigious event featured the participation of sixteen choirs from across the nation.

We are delighted to share the outstanding achievements of our talented pupils at the recent Qatar School Choir of the Year 2024 competition, hosted at the Al Wajba campus of Doha College. This prestigious event featured the participation of sixteen choirs from across the nation, competing across three age categories.

Our young vocalists, under the expert guidance of our dedicated music teachers, Mr Pickering, Mrs Navarro, and Miss Salazar, took part in the categories for ages 4 to 6 and the Senior Choir for those aged 11 to 18. We are proud to report that our choir in the 4, 5, and 6 age group reached the finals, showcasing remarkable talent and commitment.

Support extended beyond parents and teaching staff, to include even our school Executive Principal, who was present throughout the competition, offering encouragement and cheering on the pupils. 

This year's competition was particularly special, owing to the presence of Alison McNeill, a distinguished opera singer, conductor, and musician from the United Kingdom, serving as the principal adjudicator. Alison’s extensive expertise in vocal performance and choral conducting greatly enriched the event. She also conducted workshops, providing invaluable insights and support to both our pupils and staff. The adjudication panel was further enhanced by the participation of Olga Protopopova and Zlatan Fazlić, esteemed figures in the world of music.

The participation and achievements of our pupils in this esteemed event was a showcase of their talents and the high standards imparted by their teachers. We extend our gratitude to our teachers, pupils, and all involved in realising this accomplishment.