Christopher Cundall19

Christopher Cundall

Assistant Principal - Safeguarding & Sixth Form

I come from the UK and graduated from Loughborough University with a BA (Hons) degree in Industrial Design and Technology with Education. I then undertook my PGCE and Masters, both in Design and Technology Education.

After six years of teaching in the UK, our family decided that we would venture from our home in the UK and look for teaching positions abroad. We first moved to Beijing, China, where I became the Head of Design and Technology and later the Assistant IB Coordinator. We spent four years in China before deciding it was time for a new adventure and moved to Thailand. My roles there included Head of Design and Technology, Houseparent, STEAM and AG&T Coordinators.

Moving to Qatar in 2019, I am joined by my wife and our four children. As a family we enjoy travelling, exploring new cities and visiting different countries. My passion is my teaching subject and I enjoy making furniture and experimenting with electronics and robotics in my own time.

My ambition in teaching has always been to stretch and develop students’ abilities and skills in a stimulating environment. As the Head of Sixth Form, I aim to inspire and prepare students for life beyond the classroom, further study, and future employment.