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Claire Parton

Acting Assistant Principal, Phase Lead

I grew up in Derbyshire in the UK and completed my Diploma of Special Needs and Bachelor of Education Honours Degree in Manchester. I have a wealth of experience, having taught in a range of schools for over 30 years, including within an international setting in the UAE.

I began teaching in Cheshire and gained experience of all the different age ranges in primary. As I developed my understanding and delivery of what Outstanding, effective teaching looks like, I also began supporting, coaching and mentoring teaching staff to help improve the outcomes of students. This has been an area which I have continued to focus on throughout my career. I was the youngest Primary English Lead in my local area and then became a year lead and a Phase lead and a member of the Senior Leadership Team with responsibility for teaching and learning, behaviour and student well being.

My main interests are reading, playing badminton and keeping fit and travelling to some of the beautiful places the world has to offer. I have been lucky enough to explore Malaysia and different parts of America and had lots of short breaks throughout the UK. I am aiming to visit the seven Wonders of the World and feel like Qatar is the perfect base to be able to do this.

My goal is to make a difference. I aim to ensure that our children have exciting learning opportunities within a caring, stimulating and empowering environment. I am committed to helping individuals achieve their full potential and feel proud of their accomplishments both academically and holistically. I aim to support teachers to make learning fun and memorable.