2021-22 Academic School Year

*Founding parents are all existing parents and those who register before September 2021.

Founders’ benefitEducation allowance eligible staffNon education allowance eligible staff
1st child0%25%
2nd child25%25%
3rd child, 4th child, on50%50%

Bus Service Financial Assistance

You can now use your unused Education Allowance, at any time of the year, to assist with the payment of the bus service. This benefit is for Oryx International School students only.

Please note: Qatar Airways reserves the right to change/rescind the discount at any time.

Founding Parent FAQs

Who are the Founding parents?

Founding parents are all existing parents and those who register before September 2021.

Will I receive the discount if I am already a parent of the school?

Yes, you will receive the discount for the 2021/22 school year as a Founding parent.

Will I receive a discount on the Application and Registration fees?

As an applicant for the 2020/21 school year, you will receive a discount for the application, registration and tuition fees. Existing parents will receive discounts on the 2020/21 tuition fees per the table above.

Will I receive the discount if my child is in Foundation Stage 1 (age 3 students)?

Yes, you will receive the allocated discount shown in the table above for all year groups.

How do I receive the discount according to my benefit eligibility?

You will be required to provide us with your grade level and your employee number. Once we have checked your status with QR HR, then we will provide you with the allocated discount.

If you do not receive an educational allowance, you need to request a letter from Qatar Airways HR Department. Please ask our admissions office what is required and they will provide you with the email address of the contact in Qatar Airways for you to direct your request to.

How do I receive reimbursement for the bus service?

When paying, the bus service company will provide you with a receipt, if they do not please ask for one. You will then need to provide the required information to claim via the QR GEMS system. You will only receive the amount that remains unused from your Education Allowance.

Will we continue receiving the existing sibling discounts offered by the school?

No, the 10% sibling discount will not apply while the Founding Discount is in place. Only one discount will be applicable per place.

What services qualify for a discount?

The discount applies to Tuition fees, Application and Registration fees for 2021/22. All other services such as uniforms and school trip costs remain the same.

What happens if I have paid an application fee or registration fee to start in the 2021/22 school year?

The application and registration fees must be paid in full on application and when registering your child, the discounted amount will be deducted from your first term tuition fee invoice.

Find out more about this fantastic opportunity by emailing admissions@oryxschool.qa or calling +974 4036 0085.