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School Fees and other costs iconSchool Fees and other costs

Application fees to be paid before the admissions process begins, these are non-refundable. Registration fees are paid on acceptance of a seat offer with the signed enrolment forms.

All fees are invoiced termly. Fees are reviewed annually and any increases are subject to approval from the Ministry of Education and Higher Education in Qatar. Tuition fees are non-refundable. No reduction in fees is made for temporary absence or illness, or early withdrawal.

Qatar Airways staff, who receive the education allowance, can submit both Application and Registration Fees for reimbursement via the GEMS system.

Parents are responsible for paying the fees directly to the school.

2021/22due by 29 August 2021due by 2 January 2022due by 20 March 2022
Year 114,40010,80010,80036,000
Year 214,40010,80010,80036,000
Year 314,40010,80010,80036,000
Year 415,60011,70011,70039,000
Year 515,60011,70011,70039,000
Year 615,60011,70011,70039,000
Year 715,60011,70011,70039,000
Year 815,60011,70011,70039,000
Year 915,60011,70011,70039,000
Year 1018,00013,50013,50045,000
Year 1118,40013,80013,80046,000
Year 1218,80014,10014,10047,000
Year 1318,80014,10014,10047,000

Are there any additional charges?

  • The Application Fee of QR 450 is a one-off non-refundable fee payable when you submit an application to the school.
  • The Registration Fee of QR 3,190 is a one-off non-refundable fee payable when you sign the letter accepting a place for your child at the school.
  • There are additional charges for but not restricted to:
    • school uniforms,
    • bus transportation,
    • educational trips,
    • extra special needs requirements,
    • external suppliers of after school activities,
    • Bring your own Device to School (BYOD) for Secondary students,
    • IGCSE and A Level/BTEC examination fees,
    • before and after school care,
    • one-to-one learning support / shadow teacher,
    • Parents will be able to order and pay for lunch and snacks via the canteen facility.

For complete information about tuition fee terms and conditions, refer to the Fee Regulations document.

Are there any tuition fee discounts available?

We provide a Founders' Parent Discount, please go here to find out more.

When do I have to pay the tuition fees?

Tuition fees should be paid at the beginning of each term, refer to the Fee Regulations document for specific term dates.

How can I pay fees?

Payment can be made by bank transfer or cheque (these should be dropped off at the security gate at school, this will then be given to our Finance Department and you will receive a receipt via email).

If you are applying for a place from outside Qatar, fees should be paid by bank transfer. Please ensure that you provide your CHILD's first and last name on the envelope with the cheque or on the bank transfer as the reference.

Bank Details

Account Name

Oryx International School


P.O.Box 22550, Doha, State of Qatar

Account Number



QA87 CBQA 0000 0000 4580 5859 3500 1


Commercial Bank of Qatar


P.O.Box 3232, Doha, State of Qatar

Swift Code


Credit card facilities are currently unavailable.

What if my education allowance provided by Qatar Airways does not cover the fees?

Where the school fees are more than the Education Allowance the parent (employee) is responsible for paying the difference.

How do I get the tuition fees reimbursed by Qatar Airways?

The Qatar Airways employee should submit the fee payment receipt for re-imbursement up to the value of their Education Allowance via the Qatar Airways Intranet (GEMS).

What if I am late paying the tuition fees?

The school reserves the right to apply a 10% surcharge to late payments.

What will I be charged if my child joins midway through a term?

When a student joins the school during the first half of a term the full term fee is payable. When the student joins in the second half of the term a 50% fee is charged for that period no matter which week the student joins. Please contact Finance for cut-off dates.

Will I be charged if my child leaves before the end of the academic year?

One term’s notice in writing is required for the withdrawal of a student during the academic year. Please email to inform the admissions office of your intent and fill in the Withdrawal Form. If your child has not started the academic term, no fees will be charged.

Are books included as part of the tuition fees?

Yes, all academic textbooks, exercise books and student journals are provided.

Is stationery included as part of the tuition fees?

The school provides the majority of the stationery for children but we recommend that you purchase the following items:

Primary for home use

  • A pencil case with their name on it
  • Other coloured pens for emphasis (fine point Stabilo pens are good)
  • Pencils (an HB pencil and a 2B pencil is a good mix)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Ruler


  • A pencil case with their name on it
  • Blue or black pens for normal writing
  • Other coloured pens for emphasis (fine point Stabilo pens are good)
  • Pencils (an HB pencil and a 2B pencil is a good mix)
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Eraser
  • Ruler
  • Scientific calculator - the type required will be provided by the teacher at the start of school

Teachers will inform parents of any other requirements

Correcting fluids such as Tippex are not allowed in school.

Secondary - Bring your own device to school


Primary students are not permitted to bring any devices into school.


Secondary students are required to bring their own personal laptop into school for use in some lessons. This will be advantageous, as it will allow students to access, store and share their work with teachers and fellow students, access learning at home and subsequently make more efficient and greater progress with their learning, acquiring ICT skills at the same time. Once setup, students will automatically be logged into the school network and will therefore not have to log in and out making the device readily available in every lesson.

Students will be required to sign a BYOD Agreement Form.

Minimum recommended specifications for laptop / notebook computer:

  • 4gb of RAM and Core i3, i5 or i7
  • SSD Hard drive 256gb or higher
  • Minimum screen size: 10”
  • Ability to run Microsoft Office and applications such as Adobe Photoshop
  • USB port for connecting devices
  • Battery life: minimum 6 - 8 hours (full day)
  • Aim for under 1.6kg
  • Wi-Fi connectivity: 2.4 GHZ and 5 GHz dual-band
  • Full keyboard (detachable is fine)
  • Touchscreen and Pen is recommended but not essential

More buying advice here.

Examples of suitable laptops/notebooks (for guide only, not a recommendation):

  • Surface Pro
  • Surface Laptop
  • Lenovo 300e
  • Laptop/notebook carrier bags, if supplied, should be black in colour.

NB : The school operates on Windows platform

If you require any further IT information, please do not hesitate to contact us on

Is the uniform included as part of the tuition fees?

No, the school uniform can be purchased by:

  • Visiting the shop - Noble House Trading which is located at Barwa Commercial Avenue, Safwa Building - Unit no 30, Gate 10 from the back side (near TechnoQ)

Opening times: Saturday - Thursday: 10:00 -19:00 From 5 - 16 August: 16:00 - 20:00 only

Log on, locate ORYX, create an account and you can shop. Use the following code when making your online order: OX1104.

Mobile number: 3381 3328 Telephone number: 4039 0264


Are school trips included as part of the tuition fees?

No, school trips are not included in the tuition fees. Participation by a student in educational trips organised by the school is optional, but is considered important to a child’s learning. Parents will be asked to make a payment to cover the cost of arranged trips (these costs include transport, entrance fees, etc)

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