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Please join us on a tour of the school on Tuesdays starting at 10.00

06.30Before school care opens
07.10School gates open
07.15Before school care closes
07.30Academic school day starts
13.55Academic school day ends
14.00After school care opens
14.05Buses depart
14.05 - 14.55After school activities (ASAs)
15.00ASA bus departs for QR Towers
16.00After school care closes

If students are late for school they should report to The Office Reception which is at the front of the school. This will ensure that they are added to the daily register. If a student is not marked as Present on the register a SMS will be sent to parents to confirm why they are not in school.

Break Time

During very hot weather students are allowed to stay indoors, while during cooler months students will be expected to be outside during break time. At all times, students will be supervised by staff on duty.

School Assemblies

Assemblies take place every Thursday morning for the whole school. Sometimes parents may be invited to join us to celebrate specific class assemblies.