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Daily Schedule iconDaily Schedule


07.00School gates/doors open
07:30School gates/doors close
07:30 - 07:40School starts - registration taken
13:30End of school day - students must be collected by 13:50
13:50School gates/doors close
Any children not collected by 13:50 must be picked up from the Main Security Gate

NON COVID - School Timings

06.30 - 07.15Early drop off (students must be registered for before school care)
07.10School gate 4 opens
07.30School gate 4 closes - doors close

07.30 - 07.40

Registration in class / Academic school day starts

13:55School gates 2 and 3 - doors open
14.00Academic school day ends
14.05 - 16.00PSG - After school care opens
14.15Buses depart

14.05 - 14.55

After school activities (ASAs)

15.00Reception closes
15.10ASA buses depart

PSG - After school care closes / Gates close

If students are late for school, i.e. arrive after 7.30, they must report to Reception, which is accessible via Gate 2.

Parents of Primary children sign their child/ren in the Late Book and Secondary children sign themselves in. Our Reception staff will then ensure that the class register is updated and they are marked as Present.

If a student is marked as Absent (without a reason provided for their absence) an SMS will be sent to parents as part of our safeguarding process. Please reply by email to providing the reason for absence. This will then be updated on our daily attendance system.

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