We are proud to announce that Oryx is the first school in Qatar to receive the SENDIA Inclusion Award. SENDIA (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities Inclusion Award) is a national standard for effective and inclusive education for children with special needs and/or disability.

The SENDIA framework is focused on removing barriers to learning which enables all students to fulfil their potential and engage fully in school life. This is done through early identification of challenges, and inclusive teaching and leadership to improve classroom practices and student outcomes.

To receive this award, Oryx had to demonstrate a high standard of teaching and leadership in a broad range of areas. This includes ensuring effective everyday teaching and learning for SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disability) students across the school. The team demonstrated strong effective leadership and management of this provision, while promoting awareness of the school’s SEND inclusion to staff and parents, and crucially, focusing on student outcomes.

This award complements several other accreditations that Oryx has recently received in recognition of the high standard of practice within the school. Other awards include full accreditation from the Council of International Schools (CIS), Compliance Accreditation as a Beacon school from the Council of British International Schools (COBIS), ALFRI award where Oryx received 'exemplary in all areas' status for its English as an Additional Language provision, and Lexus Educational Certified school for improving literacy outcomes.

The school is also currently engaged in the Wellbeing award for Schools (WAS) and the Green Flag Eco-Schools award.

You can view our SENDIA Award certificate.

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As a diverse international school, we pride ourselves on our commitment to providing all our students with an outstanding education where they are supported to engage positively in school life. To have the provision we offer our SEND students recognised by such a stringent awards body provides us with strong assurance in what we are doing. We are proud to be the first school in Qatar to receive this award, but we hope that others follow suit as provision in this area is extremely important to the wellbeing of all students.

Our SEND team, led by Mrs Robinson, and all our teaching staff are dedicated to ensuring our students receive the highest levels of educational support and learning experiences. This is evident through the number of recent accolades received by the school. I'd like to thank everyone, including our students for making this possible.

Derek LaidlawExecutive Principal