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Michael McAuley

English Teacher

I was born in Birmingham, the UK of Irish stock. During a long and varied career teaching English I have studied, lived and taught in: Sunderland, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Solihull and Dubai. I have been a Second in English, Head of English, Examiner, Head of Year, Housemaster, Yearbook Editor, brother, husband and Dad!

My interests and hobbies include Aston Villa, Peaky Blinders, canals, local history, Comics, Literature, Architecture, swimming, football, Raymond Chandler, Neil Gaiman, Ireland, restaurants and cinema to name a few...

I am married to Susan, originally a PA/Medical Secretary, in her Dubai life she became a TA, Art Technician and currently Library Manager of the Junior school library. We have one 16-year-old daughter, Olivia, who is in the school in Year 12.

My objectives are to help every child reach their full potential and learn to love the habit of reading!