At Oryx, we challenge and stretch our students to become responsible, respectful and independent global citizens

With a caring, safe and secure international community, our students evolve into independent, and inquisitive lifelong learners, happily striving for excellence in everything they do.

Your School Essentials


Our school uniform is supplied by Noble House Trading, which can either be purchased directly from the shop or via their website.

Follow the below guidelines for easy online purchases:

Collection or delivery

  • Click and Collect – Place your order online and collect at the shop. Noblehouse will call you once your order is ready for pick up.

  • Home delivery – place your order online and select home delivery (subject to a delivery charge)

Noblehouse Contact Details


Address: Barwa Commercial Avenue, Safwa Building - Unit no 30, Gate 10 (near TechnoQ)

Main Line +974 4039 0264

Whatsapp +974 3381 3328

Opening times: Saturday – Thursday, 10:00 -19:00

Please note:

  • Oryx International School bags from the uniform shop are compulsory, please do not bring other bags into school.

  • School shoes must be plain black and NOT trainers. Trainers are only to be used for PE lessons or after school activities.

  • During main PE lessons it is optional for boys and girls in Secondary whether or not they wish to wear shorts or long tracksuit trousers. In some activities, it might not be suitable for long trousers due to safety reasons, e.g. hurdles. When travelling outside of the school grounds in the PE kit or Sport Fixture Kits, tracksuit trousers, or other long black trousers, should be worn. Shorts can be worn underneath. The girl’s knees must be covered.

  • House shirts and shorts are compulsory to purchase from the uniform supplier for House Competitions.

  • No other clothing items are allowed to be worn at school, e.g. a student may not wear a fleece to school unless it is the school burgundy sport fleece, etc.

Please go to our Uniform Section in the Parent Guide for further information on the uniform requirements.

Bus Service

New Image Building Services are the schools approved bus service. Parents will deal directly with them to book a seat on the bus and not with the School Reception. All information can be found on the documents below.

Please note: Qatar Airways Education allowance can be used to pay for the bus costs. Qatar Airways reserves the right to change/rescind this option at any time.

DesignationContact PersonContact NumberEmail Address
Transport Co-ordinator
(logistics and daily issues)
+974 7404 8922
Operation Executive
(payments and contracts)
+974 5597 0138
Transport Manager
+974 6618 5928
Lunch and Snacks

Students are welcome to bring in their own healthy snacks to enjoy at break time.

For the safety of our students, and staff we operate a strict 'no nuts' policy within the school.

Suitable snack:
sandwiches, cubes of cheese, fruit, cereal bars, savoury biscuits, small pieces of cooked meat, chopped carrots/cucumber/cherry tomatoes, small plain cake, small tubs of yoghurt (in cooler weather), juice or water.

Please refrain from the following: sweets (candy) or chocolate; nuts (because of allergies of other students); food that needs to be reheated or refrigerated; canned or glass bottled drinks; sugary or energy drinks.

We also ask students to bring with them a water bottle, flask or sealable cup (no glass please) labelled with their name.

Please note: As soon as the Canteen reopens, we will update all our parents with the relevant information for their children to purchase lunch.

Whilst we appreciate it is lovely to celebrate birthdays, we do not distribute party bags, gifts or food so please do not send these to school.

Road Safety

It is everyone’s duty to ensure that our children are safe at all times, this includes entering and leaving school, traffic congestion has increased and we must be more aware and patient during these times.

Please follow these guidelines:

General drop off and pick up requirements

  • Our designated drop-off and pick-up areas are on the side of the school facing Barwa City.

Health and Safety requirements

  • Use the designated vehicle approach and exit routes as provided by the school (buses, secondary parents, primary parents)
  • Observe the 30km/h speed limit at the school environs and 60km/h on Barwa Street.
  • Observe the highway rules especially blocking any traffic lanes.
  • Do not park in the pedestrian crossing areas.
  • Avoid blocking other cars when you park.
  • Avoid driving over the red brick pedestrian areas or cycle lanes.
  • Do not sound your vehicle horn in frustration or to summon your child from the gates.
  • Do not leave young children unattended, particularly with keys in your vehicles and the engine running
School ID Lanyard
  • All parents and guardians must have a Parent ID Pass for security requirements.

  • Please fill in the Lanyard form via the link below, save it back as an excel sheet. Scan a passport-type photo of yourself and any other guardians mentioned in the form as JPEG. Attach the completed form, the scanned photos and email to for your card/s to be printed.

Primary lanyard collection:  Once your card/s are ready, you will receive an email to collect these from the Main Office Reception. Alternatively, lanyards and photo IDs will be ready for collection in the EYFS parent area or school auditorium on your child's first day. Temporary passes will be made available for those parents who have, as yet, not sent their photos to school for their ID pass.

Secondary lanyard collection: Once your card/s are ready, you will receive an email to collect these from the Main Office Reception or Security Gate 1. If you do not have a school ID please send this form filled at your earliest convenience, access may be denied onto the school grounds if you do not have your school ID Card with you.

Please note, as part of our safeguarding practices, parent lanyards must be worn at all times when parents enter the school campus.

Health and Safety

Our school nurse is always on hand if you have any concerns regarding your child. Please feel free to contact her for advice.

Email address:

Tel contact: 4036 6800

First Aid procedure

First Aid kits are kept in various strategic locations in school, the main centres being:

  • Medical Room

  • Reception

  • Science Laboratories

  • Design Technology Laboratory

  • Primary Block

  • PE Block

In the event of an incident requiring basic first aid, staff will report in the first instance to the nurse. Should this not be possible, then first aid will be administered following standard safety practices.

A record of the incident will be placed in the student’s file and a note will be sent home to the parent. The incident will also be recorded in the Accident and Incident Book.

Student Illness

Children who feel unwell whilst in school will be observed for a short time in class. If there is no improvement, he/she will be sent to the school nurse. If the nurse judges that your child needs to be cared for at home, we will contact you.

Every teacher and class has a list of students with medical needs e.g. asthma, allergic reactions and how to treat a medical emergency.

With the exception of asthma inhalers for students in Years 6 and above, no medicines should be kept by the child whilst in school. Younger students with asthma will have their inhalers kept in the nurse’s office and in the teacher’s drawer. Please supply two extra inhalers for your child’s use in school, one to be kept in class and one with the school nurse.

Normally medicines are not administered in school. If your child needs to finish a course of medicine you must give us written consent stating that the Nurse, or other named and qualified member of staff, has authority to dispense the medicine.

Behaviours for Learning

The behaviour system operates while a child is the responsibility of the school. It is in place for the health and safety of everyone in school. If we feel that this is in jeopardy, you will receive a call from the school.

Students need a stable, consistent, kind and fair environment in which they can work hard and enjoy themselves. Consequently, we strive to set rules, which are consistent with safety, welfare, good manners and firm standards of behaviour.

Our underlying belief is in traditional standards of behaviour, respect for others and good manners.

Behaviour on School Transport

Appropriate conduct on school transport is vital for student safety. We will promote the following safety rules for you as parents to reinforce at home and with your drivers.

  • Seat belts must be worn at all times.

  • Students will not distract the driver.

  • Students will remain properly seated and keep their hands and feet to themselves.

  • Students will not eat, drink or chew gum on the bus.

  • Students will respect the instructions of the monitor/driver at all times.

  • Students will wear their face masks while on the bus (during Covid restrictions until directive changes from the MOPH).

  • If students do not comply with these requirements, you may be requested to remove them from the bus transportation.

Parents must make their own arrangements with the bus company as this is a sub-contractual agreement with the school. Please inform the bus company and reception (via email) if your child is absent from school.

Any change to your usual routine with the bus service MUST be communicated to the bus company directly.

House System
  • The House System is linked to positive behaviour and excellent learning. All students at Oryx are grouped into houses.

  • The house system provides an opportunity for students to learn and collaborate in vertical groups alongside students of different ages.

  • The houses are the focus for friendly, light-hearted student competition in a wide range of activities, including academics, sport and clubs. Many student activities throughout the year are organised to promote the broadest possible participation from all year groups.

  • When students start at school, they are assigned to a house so they can begin to develop a sense of belonging and identification through team building and peer group activities. House captains will be nominated at the start of each academic year.

  • Each house has its own unique identity and members aspire to honour the ‘characteristics’ of their house.

  • Students may earn house points for a range of contributions to school life, including academic, athletic, arts, community service, behaviour and attitude.

Parent Consultations

Parents / Guardians are invited into school at specific times of the academic year to meet with the teachers and discuss their child’s progress. 

Whilst we have set dates at the end of each term for these formal parent meetings, parents are encouraged to make contact with the class or subject teachers at any point throughout the term if they have concerns. At the moment, due to the current Covid restrictions, these meetings are conducted via Zoom.

After end of term assessments take place and prior to parent teacher consultations, reports are published on the parent portal for your perusal. The contents of the reports can be discussed at the parent consultation meetings. Details of how to access the parent portal and how to arrange a parent consultation will be sent to all parents. Parents are encouraged to take advantage of the opportunity to meet with their child’s Class Teacher in Primary and/or Subject and Form Tutors in Secondary.

Parent Guides