• Contract Type: Temporary Full Time with possibility of extension.
  • Contract Term: Temporary Full Time with possibility of extension.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Teaching and Learning:

• Plan, prepare, and deliver high-quality EYFS curriculum lessons that facilitate active learning experiences for children.

• Employ a variety of instructional methods and resources to meet the educational needs of each child.

• Assess, record, and report on children's development, progress, and attainment, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of their achievement.

Student Development:

• Ensure a safe, respectful, and supportive learning environment that enables students to become active participants in their learning journey.

• Work to develop strong home-school partnerships, informing parents and carers about their child's progress, development, and well-being.

Job Description

Part of the Orbital Education group of internationally acclaimed schools and Member of BSME, COBIS

Accredited by CIS, WAS, SENDIA, Lexis Education, Duke Awards, ALFRI, Pearson, Edexcel

Curriculum Development:

• Engage in professional dialogue and participate in ongoing professional development to continually enhance teaching and learning in the EYFS.

• Provide input into curriculum design, ensuring it meets the needs of all pupils.

Behaviour Management:

• Establish and enforce rules for behaviour and policies to maintain order among pupils, in accordance with the school’s behaviour policy.

• Observe, evaluate, and report to parents on children’s social and emotional

development, identifying potential issues and providing possible solutions.