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Please join us on a tour of the school on Tuesdays starting at 10.00

Drop-Off and Pick-Up Arrangements

Children using the bus service.

Children using the bus service will be escorted to their designated pick up points where their monitoring hostess will assist them to their bus and will travel home with them.

After School Activities

Those remaining for ASAs will be taken to the Sports Hall and will begin ASAs at 14.00. Children can be collected after their ASA at their agreed designated pick up points.

Late Drop Off and Pick Up

School doors by the parking areas will be closed from 07:30 am, all late arrivals must come in the front entrance to register at our Reception Desk to ensure that they are included onto the Registration List for safety and registration purposes.

Students will be escorted to the reception area at 16.00, if you are late in picking them up in the afternoons, you will need to collect them from this area.