At Oryx International School, our expectation is that attendance will not fall below 95% in order for students to take full advantage of the educational opportunities available to them.

Drop-Off and Registration

Registration is at 7.15. The Drop-Off window is between 06:50 and 07:15 at the drop-off areas. We ask all parents to please respect these times.  Please note, the speed limit on site is 20km/h

Primary drop-off area

Our designated drop-off and pick-up areas are on the side of the school facing Barwa City via Gates 3/4/5.  Parents can park in the allocated parking bays or across the road in Barwa City.

Secondary student and school bus drop-off area

School buses and secondary student drop-off areas are at the main entrance gates at the front of the school via Gates 1 & 2, by the security offices. 

Pick Up

The school day finishes at 14:00. Pick-up is between 14.00 – 14.15 (latest).

All children must be collected promptly at the end of the school day (14:00) or after an ASA (15:00). 

ASAs finish at 15:00,
 and students must be picked up no later than 15:05.

Staff are not available to supervise children after hours.

Late students

If your child is later than 07:15, they are deemed late and must report to the Reception area via Gate 2.

Students will be signed in to ensure that they are marked as present to maintain our Fire and Safety Register.

You can leave your child at the security gate and a staff member will ensure that they are taken to the Reception area.


For safety, please follow the directions provided by our Security and Senior Leadership Team.

If you are using the pedestrian crossing, please ensure you only walk when it is green to cross the road and check that the cars are stopping before stepping off the pavement. Do not cross at any other area on the road.

Early Years’ parents can accompany their children to/from the Early Years entrance at Gate 3.

Students arriving after 7.15 will need to enter through the main entrance (Gate 2) and register at Reception. If students arrive late, they will miss out on registration and tutor time with their class and this will appear on their school attendance record.

Recording Absence

If your child is sick or not coming to school for the day, please follow the below steps:

  1. Email or call the Main Office Reception at or +974 4036 0063,
  2. Communicate with your Class Teacher via Dojo (Primary) or Form Tutor via email (Secondary),
  3. Please let us know the reason they will not be in school for registration purposes, any students without a reason will be marked as an unauthorised absence.

If you wish to take your child out of school during the day e.g. doctor’s appointment, please email or call the Main Office Reception, as well as communicate with your Class Teacher or Form Tutor, at least a day before the appointment. This will allow the teacher to be aware that your child will be leaving school during the day and to send them to the Main Office Reception where you can collect them.

For any requests regarding holidays during term time, parents should refer to the school’s Student Attendance Policy.

Requests for absence during term time should only be made if absolutely necessary and are not automatically authorised. Permission should be sought in writing from the Executive Principal by emailing

If your child is not marked on the register (without a reason provided) you will receive an automated SMS as part of our safeguarding process, please respond and provide the reason to our Main Office Reception for this to
be updated on the register.