Our School promotes a healthy and balanced diet that's also very tasty. So our students enjoy their food and feel ready to learn.

Our catering supplier, Newrest, provides us a wide range of hot meals and grab and go options for the students to purchase via their canteen card.

Lunch service

  1. EFYS, Y1 and Y2 students: Parents use the Newrest App to pre-order packed lunch boxes. These will be delivered to the classrooms for children in FS1, FS2, Y1 and Y2.

NB: This is the only school meal option for children in EFYS and KS1 at this time.

  1. Y3 - 6 and Secondary students: Parents will need to purchase a Canteen Card* for each of their children. This will enable students to choose from a selection of hot and cold food available each lunchtime in the canteen ( ground floor). Menus rotate over 2 weeks.

Obtaining a Canteen Card for KS2 and Secondary students

  1. Each lunch card must be pre-loaded by parents.
  1. There are 2 ways of doing this:
  1. Through the App, pay by credit card to preload and recharge the card
  1. In school, you can pay by cash or card to pre-load and recharge the card
  1. A representative from Newrest will be in school reception at the following times for parents to obtain their Lunch Cards and to re-charge in cash or by card:

Newrest Customer Point: In the school reception area

Payment by cash or credit card only

Sunday - Thursday

7.00am – 9.00am (Morning)

1.00am – 3.00pm (Afternoon)

Please Note:

Students cannot pay for lunch with cash, they can only use the canteen card.

Please note the following points regarding the service.

Ordering meals

  • All meals must be pre-ordered and prepaid on the app.
  • Please ensure that your child’s name and class are correct on your order.
  • The last time to order is 3:00pm on the previous day (orders after this will not be processed for the next day).
  • There are specific menus for each age group (only meals for Staff and 6th Form can be reheated).

Snacks and lunch

Students are welcome to bring in their own healthy snacks to enjoy at break time.

For the safety of our students, and staff we operate a strict 'no nuts' policy within the school. 

Suitable snack:
sandwiches, cubes of cheese, fruit, cereal bars, savoury biscuits, small pieces of cooked meat, chopped carrots/cucumber/cherry tomatoes, small plain cake, small tubs of yoghurt (in cooler weather), juice or water.

Please refrain from the following: sweets (candy) or chocolate; nuts (because of allergies of other students); food that needs to be reheated or refrigerated; canned or glass bottled drinks; sugary or energy drinks.

We also ask students to bring with them a water bottle, flask or sealable cup (no glass please) labelled with their name.

Please note: As soon as the Canteen reopens, we will update all our parents with the relevant information for their children to purchase lunch.

Please do NOT bring NUTS because of allergies of other students.

Whilst we appreciate it is lovely to celebrate birthdays, we do not distribute party bags, gifts or food so please do not send these to school.