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2021 - 2022 Academic Year

We are pleased to introduce our new bus transportation supplier - New Image Building Services. Parents will deal directly with them and not with the School Main Office. You will find all their details below, as well as the contract and application/enrolment form.

Please note: Qatar Airways Education allowance can be used to pay for the bus costs. Qatar Airways reserves the right to change/rescind this option at any time.

DesignationContact personContact numberEmail address
Transport Co-ordinator (logistics and daily issues)Mahmoud+974 7404
Operation Executive (payments and contracts)Jennica+974 5597
Transport ManagerRey+974 6618
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Enrolment Policies

Enrolment for transportation is on an annual basis. It is recommended that you submit your application for transportation to at least one month prior to the start of school to ensure availability.

Students may enrol any time during the school year, depending upon space availability. Transportation fees will be assessed for the semester in which enrolment occurs and calculated to the end of the school year.

By submitting an application does not guarantee a seat is available or there is service to the area. Once your application is received, it will be processed, and you will be notified as to whether we can provide service.

Note: Submitting an application does not bind you to our Terms and Conditions until you have been accepted to the school and have started to use the service.

Application Process

Once you have printed, completed and signed the Application Form (available at the end of this information) please follow the steps below to complete the process:

  1. If possible scan and send the completed form to If you are unable to print a copy, then please complete and sign the form digitally and return to the same email address.
  2. If you are unable to utilise either of the digital options, a hard copy will be available to collect from the security gate at Pedestrian Gate 1. The completed and signed form can then be returned to the security gate between 08:00 and 12:00 Sunday to Thursday during the school holiday and during school opening hours when we return.
  3. On receipt of the completed application form, an Invoice will be raised and submitted to the parent’s email address for immediate payment.
  4. Cheque payments together with either a copy or details of the invoice and placed in a sealed envelope, can be dropped off at the Security office at Pedestrian Gate 1 marked clearly with student’s names or names
  5. If paying by BACS transfer, the full term's fees are payable. Please email either a screenshot or a bank confirmation of the transaction to In the banks' remarks/reference box please remember to clearly mention the student's full name and class if possible
  6. Once payment is received and cleared we will send an electronic receipt to the nominated email.

All applicants’ information will then be entered into our database and will be forwarded to the Supervisor in order to determine the possibility of acquiring the service and verify the assigned bus/route number in your area.

Applicant’s address is sent to a driver to locate your residence (if not, you will be contacted for direction, in some cases we ask parents to meet us at a landmark or map for the driver to follow to the house).

Once located, applicants’ names are added to the bus route list and the route is developed to assign sequence and times for pick up and drop off.

Once finalised, our office will provide/inform parents of the following:

  • Bus number
  • Time of pick-up & drop-off.
  • Location/Bus Stop (for a stand-alone villa/house is in front of the house, for smaller children were a grown-up must be accompanying them during the morning pick-up as well as be available at the drop-off location. For this age group it is a “hand-over to a familiar grown-up”.)
  • Should we fail to deliver it, we will be contacting you by phone.

All bus details and information will always be available through our office staff. Please note, should you accept the above information, the service will start on the day or date you advise to start. After accepting a seat on the bus, cancellation fees will be applied. In the event that you have not received any information from us three (3) days prior to the first day of school, and/or three days after you have submitted your application to our office during the school year, we kindly ask you to e-mail us to

Transportation Fees

Transportation fees are billed and payable in 2 Options:

Option 1: Round Trip: The cost of the services shall be QR 4,500 for each school term. There are 3 terms per school year.

Payment may be made in full by cheque payable to: New Image Building Services Gulf states LLC, upon remittance of this form or in THREE equal monthly installments of QR 1,500 commencing on the 1st day of each term and TWO successive post-dated cheques payable on the 1st day of the following months.

BACS transfer is also accepted but one full term fees will be due if using this method

Option 2: One way for either the AM or PM route

The cost for these services shall be QR 2,500 for each school term. Payment may be made in full by cheque payable to New Image Building Services Gulf States LLC. upon remittance of this form.

Please note that the current pricing structure is based on the difficult spacing restrictions we must adhere to from the Ministry of Public Health due to the situation with Covid19. The structure will be reviewed near the end of each semester and any changes implemented based on the latest guidelines and ready for the next semester.

Invoicing and Payments

Fees are due upon receipt of invoice and before the commencement of service. A due date for payment will be indicated on the invoice. If we don’t receive payment after ten (10) days, bus service for your child/children will automatically terminate. Late payment fees are calculated at QR10 per day after the due date.

New Image can only currently accept cheque payments deposited to the Security office by the front Gate within the school.

Cash payments may be available in the future once Ministry access restrictions are lifted

Cheque should be made payable to New Image Building Services Gulf States LLC

If you are unable to pay by cheque, you can also make payment by bank transfer to:

Account Name:

New Image Building Services Gulf States LLC

Bank Name


The Commercial Bank (P.S.Q.C)



Corporate Branch

PO Box 3232

Account No






Swift Code



NOTE: Please show full student name and school (with the bank transfer remarks box)

Invoices will be issued for transportation fees to companies who cover such fees for their employees. New Image can only invoice companies upon receiving a letter of approval from the company. Corporate accounts are kindly requested to provide our office with a list of students that will be billed directly to their office rather than invoicing parents for the bus fees. In such cases, we will require an address and a contact person who will be available to contact for future follow-up on payments and updates of our lists.

Cancellation Fees

Should you withdraw your application prior to the start of school, the following cancellation fees will be applied.


Cancellation Fee

Cancellation fees for withdrawing from service under the following conditions:

Parents are relocating outside of Qatar permanently.

Students transferring schools where service is not available.

Illness of the student (with medical certificate).

A sudden change of address where service is not available.

Fees will be prorated by months and not to the number or days service had used, plus a cancellation fee of:

QR 300 / child

Cancellation fees for withdrawing from service which are none-of-the-above details – full semester fees applied or NO REFUND.

QR 4,500

To cancel service, please advise us in writing to or by filling out our cancellation form available through our offices.

Change of Address

It is strictly recommended that if you are considering a move to a new location and you do rely on school transportation that you check with us prior to see if service is available in the planned area(s).

Should you move during the school year a service fee of QR100 will be charged to facilitate a change to another route and bus (excluding compounds with an existing route/s).

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