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COVID-19 Information

The MoEHE and the MoPH have sent schools an indication of the types of precautions we need in place for the re-opening of the premises. We expect detailed instructions soon.

  • Below is a summary of the main H&S procedures which we will implement from September 1st in order to re-open our school premises, once we receive the final requirements from the ministries, I will send confirmation and further details.
  • Parents will only be allowed on-site with a prior appointment (exception for FS1 and FS2 parents when dropping off and collecting children from school). KS1 students will be escorted to classrooms by staff members.
  • All parents/visitors must show their green or vaccine status on the EHTERAZ mobile app
  • FS1 and FS2 parents must complete a declaration form if they wish to accompany their children on-site.
  • Temperature checks will be taken and recorded for everyone entering the school site.
  • All parents/visitors must sign the Trace and Track sheet at the security.
  • No gatherings will be allowed in school or at the entrance gates.
  • Children will enter from the designated entry gate only.
  • A ‘one-way’ flow system will be in operation throughout the school and must be adhered to at all times, including at the main school office entrance.
  • Social distancing floor markings must be adhered to in the common areas.
  • Masks must be worn by everyone on-site in the communal areas and in all areas of the school by parents and visitors.
  • Primary children can choose to wear masks in the classrooms.
  • Everyone on site must use the hand sanitizers provided in classrooms and common areas. School cleaning staff will regularly sanitize all areas of the school.
  • The drop-off and collection area will not be accessible by parents until further notice.
  • There will not be any before school or after school care until at least Phase 3 at the earliest and only then with permission from the MoEHE and MoPH.

An isolation room will be set up for anyone showing symptoms throughout the day- parents will be required to collect children asap if they are showing symptoms in school.

Our school nurse is always on hand if you have any concerns regarding your child. Please feel free to contact her for advice.

Email address:

Tel contact: 4036 6800

First Aid procedure

First Aid kits are kept in various strategic locations in school, the main centres being:

  • Medical Room
  • Reception
  • Science Laboratories
  • Design Technology Laboratory
  • Primary Block
  • PE Block

In the event of an incident requiring basic first aid, staff will report in the first instance to the nurse. Should this not be possible, then first aid will be administered following standard safety practices.

A record of the incident will be placed in the student’s file and a note will be sent home to the parent. The incident will also be recorded in the Accident and Incident Book.

Student Illness

Children who feel unwell whilst in school will be observed for a short time in class. If there is no improvement, he/she will be sent to the school nurse. If the nurse judges that your child needs to be cared for at home, we will contact you.

Every teacher and class has a list of students with medical needs e.g. asthma, allergic reactions and how to treat a medical emergency.

With the exception of asthma inhalers for students in Years 6 and above, no medicines should be kept by the child whilst in school. Younger students with asthma will have their inhalers kept in the nurse’s office and in the teacher’s drawer. Please supply two extra inhalers for your child’s use in school, one to be kept in class and one with the school nurse.

Normally medicines are not administered in school. If your child needs to finish a course of medicine you must give us written consent stating that the Nurse, or other named and qualified member of staff, has authority to dispense the medicine.

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