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Please join us on a tour of the school on Tuesdays starting at 10.00

Lunch and Snacks

Our new campus will have a canteen which will sell snacks and lunch to our students during the school day, this facility will be managed by Newrest Gulf LLC.

If your children bring their own food to school we encourage them to pack a healthy lunchbox. We are a nut free school and ask that parents do not pack these as well as soda drinks, chocolate, sweets, or glass bottles. Portions should be the appropriate size for your child to eat with enough time to enjoy playtime. Please pack extra food for your child if he or she is attending After School Activities. We prefer our children not to share their food, any uneaten food will be returned home.

Plastic Water Bottles for Students

All of our children bring a sealed plastic or their own personal drinking bottle from home which is clearly labelled with their name. These bottles can be re-filled from our water coolers during the day.

Newrest Gulf LLC

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