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COVID-19 Information

The Ministry of Public Health has instructed that school canteens cannot offer any meals at this time. Therefore, students must bring their own food and drinks to school, until further notice. Students must not share food or drinks with anyone else and they must bring their own cutlery and utensils. We hope to offer cold food service in Phase 3 if permitted.

Water fountains will be available under supervised use, and students must have their own drinks container – no cups will be provided.

It is likely that students will eat in their classrooms initially. We hope to be able to allocate specific areas for lunches and break-time snacks in Phase 3.

Non-Covid requirements - once the MOPH removes restrictions

Students from Y3 – 12 have the option to purchase snacks or meals from our School Canteen or bring their own packed lunch. FS –Y2 children must bring a packed lunch. Please remember that we have a strict no-nut policy in school.

Nut Policy and Allergies

Oryx International School employs a strict ‘NUT AWARE’ policy, as some students are extremely allergic to nuts and products containing nuts. Children should not bring any food containing nuts or nut derivatives into school, e.g. Nutella or Peanut butter, etc.

We educate our children with respect to nuts and allergies, but we cannot guarantee that there are no nuts in school, therefore all parents and should educate their children should to be nut aware.

If your child has any allergies, please ensure that you have communicated this during the admissions process. In addition to this please inform your Class/Form Teacher and the School Nurse immediately and provide any necessary medication.

Canteen service:

Method of Payment

Our canteen operates a pay in advance card system for purchases with a strict no cash policy. Parents can purchase a card directly from the Canteen staff which can then be topped up with credit as required from 7.15 – 8.00 every morning. Parents must sign in at Security Gate 2 before proceeding to the canteen to make a payment and sign out again on leaving. Please note students are not permitted to bring cash to top-up cards nor can they purchase food with cash.

Packed lunch:

Children are expected to bring healthy food to school for lunch and break times.

Nuts, fizzy drinks, chocolate, glass bottles etc. are not allowed.

To enable your child to eat their snack and enjoy their break time please consider the size of portion your child can eat. If children are staying for After School Activities, please provide an additional snack. Children should not share their food in case of allergies.

Birthday Celebrations

Children’s birthdays are recognised in school and parents are welcome to provide gift bags if they wish for their child’s class. No Birthday cakes, cupcakes, donuts, sweets, food or drinks are permitted due to the high amount of children with allergies. Gift bags may contain small toys or stationery items and should be given to the class teacher at drop-off in the morning. These will be issued to the children at the end of the school day. Parents will not be allowed into the child’s class to give out the gift bags personally.

Plastic water bottles for students

Oryx International School is conscious of the number of disposable plastic drinking cups, which students will use if they are made available. This is not only costly but also damaging to the environment.

Children must bring a reusable bottle from home, clearly labeled with their name, which can be re-filled from water coolers.

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