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Please join us on a tour of the school on Tuesdays starting at 10.00

Rewards are linked to positive behaviour and excellent learning. All students at Oryx International School are grouped into one of four Houses: Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Venus.

The House system provides an opportunity for students to learn and collaborate in vertical groups alongside students of different ages. It also provides opportunities for siblings to spend some time with each other. The houses are the main focus for friendly, light-hearted student competition in a wide range of activities, including academic, sporting and clubs. Many student activities throughout the year are organised by houses to promote the broadest possible participation from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 10.

When students start at the school, they are assigned to a house so they can begin to develop a sense of belonging and identification through team-building and peer group activities. Siblings will be assigned to the same house. House captains will be nominated at the start of each academic year. All staff at Oryx International School are also assigned to houses. Each house has its own unique identity and members aspire to honour the ‘characteristics’.

Students may earn house points for a range of contributions to school life, including academic, athletic, arts, community service, behaviour and attitude.

At the School Assembly each week, the house with the most points is awarded the house cup, which will be displayed in the Main Reception area.