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Please join us on a tour of the school on Tuesdays starting at 10.00

The Uniform Shop customer service number - +974 3381 3328.

Children are expected to wear the school uniform at all times whilst attending school and also during After School Activities (ASAs) off site. All uniforms and associated items must be clearly labelled with your child’s full name. Oryx International School will not be held responsible for the loss of any uniforms or other clothing.

School uniform details

Primary GirlsPrimary BoysSecondary GirlsSecondary BoysAll
School shirt with logo (excluding FS1 and FS2)School shirt with logoSchool shirt (long or short sleeved) with logoSchool shirt (long or short sleeved) with logoSchool cap or hat - compulsory
Tartan skirt (excluding FS1 and FS2)Grey shortsTartan skirtGrey shorts (Years 7 - 9)Winter jersey
School dress - All primary studentsGrey trousersTartan scarfGrey trousersWhite socks - compulsory
School cardiganSchool jumper Grey trousersSchool tieBlack school shoes - compulsory
Black stockings can be worn under the skirtBlack swimming shortsSchool cardiganSchool jumperTrainers for PE - any colour
Black swimming costumeBlack swimming rash vestBlack stockings can be worn under the skirtBlack swimming shortsPE kit – school shorts and shirt - compulsory
Black swimming costumeBlack swimming rash vestSwimming cap - compulsory
Track pants are compulsory to wear over the PE uniformTrack pants are compulsory to wear over the PE uniformSchool bag (variety available) - compulsory
Book bag - FS - Year 2 can purchase these instead of a school bag.
House shirts and shortsHouse shirts and shortsHouse shirts and shortsHouse shirts and shortsHouse shirts and shorts
Swimming Costume

Please note:

  • Foundation Stage girls do not wear the skirt and blouse anymore and only the dress is required.
  • Foundation Stage and Primary boys do not wear a tie anymore and can choose to wear shorts or long trousers.
  • Primary girls can choose to wear the skirt, the dress or trousers
  • Secondary girls can wear the skirt or trousers and we have introduced a tartan necktie/scarf to differentiate them from the primary students.
  • Secondary boys can wear shorts (up to Year 9) and long trousers with a tie.
  • School bags from the uniform shop are compulsory, please do not bring other bags into school.
  • School shoes must be black and NOT trainers, these are only to be used for PE lessons or after school activities.
  • Girls can wear black stockings under their skirts but NOT leggings.
  • During main PE Lessons it is optional for boys and girls in Secondary whether or not they wish to wear shorts or long tracksuit trousers. In some activities, it might not be suitable for long trousers due to safety reasons, e.g. hurdles. When travelling outside of the school grounds in PE kit, track suit trousers, or other long black trousers, should be worn. Shorts can be worn underneath.
  • House shirts and shorts are compulsory to purchase from the uniform supplier for House Competitions.

School bag information:

  • Expandable book bag - FS1 to Year 2 : QAR45
  • FS to Year 2 backpack : QAR65
  • Year 3 - 6 backpack : QAR85
  • Year 7 - 10 active backpack : QAR190
  • Year 7 - 10 portfolio bag : QAR120

School bags are compulsory


  • Black, grey or burgundy colours may be worn to school.


  • Female students may wear small stud earrings and a watch.
  • Male students may wear a watch.
  • All jewellery and watches must be removed for PE and certain other activities.


  • White socks or black stockings can be worn with the skirt, leggings are not permitted
  • Black leather school shoes (no trainers)
  • Girls hair must be tied back neatly, boys must have their hair cut short and neat
  • Girls may wear one set of earrings (studs, nothing big), boys may not wear earrings

Please refer to our School Uniform Catalogue for all pricing and sizes

Ordering our school uniform

The new shop, Noble House Trading, is located at Barwa Commercial Avenue, Safwa Building - Unit no 30, Gate 10 from the back side (near TechnoQ)

Opening times:
Saturday - Thursday:
10:00 -19:00

Mobile number: 3381 3328
Telephone number: 4039 0264

You can still purchase the uniforms online


Log on, locate ORYX, create an account and you can shop. Use the following code when making your online order: OX1104.


Map To Noblehouse
Map to Noblehouse shop