Dear Parents

We have now reached the mid-term break of our first teaching term of 2019/20 academic year. It has been a very busy and rewarding few months for our teachers and students alike.

It is worth pausing to remember that in August we welcomed over 400 new students and 61 teaching staff. This in itself constitutes a larger school community than many other long-established schools. We now have 1,219 students and 153 staff. We are twice as large as any other Orbital Education school and the rate of growth since our new campus opened is almost unprecedented. This growth brings with it a unique set of challenges, not least of which are the logistics of day-to-day operation of such a large campus, embedding practice and procedure amongst students and staff and managing a wide and diverse range of parental expectations amongst a rapidly growing school community.

I am, therefore, delighted at the response from all our students, staff and FM company, New Image, for the cooperation, patience and enthusiasm they have shown in helping to make these challenges as manageable as possible. Of course, we still have a way to go and some improvements to make, but with your continued support and the encouragement of Orbital and Qatar Airways, we will take great strides this year towards becoming a 5-star school in all that we do. This is our goal and this remains our focus.

I wish you all a very pleasant mid-term break, whether you travel abroad or stay in Qatar. The school administration will remain open from 08.00 – 14.00 throughout the mid-term break and I would encourage any parents who have yet to receive their ID Lanyard to take this opportunity, once you have received your personal confirmation email, to come into school to collect.

Kind regards,

Mr. Derek Laidlaw

Important Information


Secondary students will soon be starting their swimming programme. As part of our PE curriculum, swimming is a compulsory activity. All students in Years 7, 8 and 9 are expected to take part. As part of our safeguarding duties, we require parents to sign and return the Swimming Permission Form. Thank you.

Absence from School

I would like to remind parents that students are expected to be in school every day as per the MoEHE directive for 180 days educational provision per year. If your child is ill, we require a note from you on the first day of absence and a Doctor’s letter for any further days’ absence.

Any request for your child to be absent from school for a reason other than illness, should be forwarded to A request citing travelling or holidays or unexplained will be recorded as ‘unauthorised’. The Executive Principal, at his discretion, may classify certain requests as ‘authorised’ in the event of emergencies or other major family events.

As part of our safeguarding duties, all absences from school will be followed up until a reason has been received and recorded. Thank you for your cooperation.

Parent ID Lanyards

If you have received a personal email stating that you ID lanyard is ready, these can be collected from the school Reception. Some parents have not yet submitted their photograph for the ID Lanyard and will be required to sign in at the security desk in the main office when entering the school, until such times as the Lanyard is processed.

All adults visiting during the school day must display an authorised ID Lanyard or a visitor’s badgein order to access the school grounds.

October Mid Term Break

I would like to remind parents that the school will be closed for students from Sunday 27th October and will reopen on Sunday 3rd November. I wish you all a relaxing week and if you are travelling, a safe and pleasant journey.

Winter Fair 2019

Following our extremely successful inaugural Winter Fair last year, I am pleased to inform you that this year’s fair will take place on SATURDAY, 7th DECEMBER. Our PTSA will be sending out more information shortly including the programme for the day and also how to get involved.

Bus Transportation

Tri Logistics bus company supervisors are now operating from the Auditorium Office alongside our new Out of Hours coordinators Gina and Flora.

We have had a busy first half term, lots of learning, sport, events, activities and fun.