Dear Parents,

Staff News: I am very pleased to offer our congratulations to the following members of staff who have completed middle and senior leading training courses, provided by Best Practice Learning in the UK, as part of our Continual Professional Development programme.

Middle Leaders, Strategy & Improvement: Ms. Awan , Mr. McAuley and Mr. Sadat

Middle Leaders, Teaching& Curriculum Excellence:Mr. Cassidy, Ms. Donnelly, Mr. Mistry.

Senior Leaders, Teaching & Curriculum Excellence: Mr. McGinn, Mr. Mernagh

Out of hours use of facilities: We are still awaiting clarification from the MoE&HE regarding their recent circular which restricts the use of school facilities outside of the normal working school hours. This is of particular concern as it is a new and unexpected directive to all private schools in Qatar. Our Head of Operations is in regular contact with the ministry regarding this issue and as soon as we have received a response I will inform you of the outcome.

Photographs: We have recently received a request from the MoE&HE via our school inspector, that photographs of our secondary female students in sportswear (where their knees and shoulders are exposed) should not be posted on social media. This follows on a previous request from both the ministry and Qatar Airways that our students from Y5 upwards should wear tracksuit trousers and a long sleeved top over their PE Kit if travelling outside of the school grounds. Accordingly, I would ask parents to respect this request.

Ashghal and roadworks: We are in regular contact with Qatar Airways regarding the completion of the road safety measures around the school. We have been requesting a pedestrian crossing and road calming measures as well as reduced speed signs for several months now and Qatar Airways, as the owners of the school, are in communication with Ashghal to resolve the issues. In the meantime, I would ask parents to remind their children crossing the road in front of the school to be extra vigilant.

International Day April 3rd We are looking forward to our International Day on Wednesday and the children have a range of learning activities planned for the day. I would remind parents that you are welcome to attend our Parade of Nations at 08.00 at the sports field and our cultural dance show in the auditorium following our parade. Please remember to wear your Parent ID Lanyard when on the school sit and to register at reception.

My thanks again to the PTSA Committee and Class Reps for arranging our Cultural Tables for the event.

Junk Art: Congratulations and thanks to Mr Johal and the Y8 students who have set up a wonderful display of Junk Art in the main foyer the opening will be held on April 2nd at 08.40 - secondary parents are welcome to attend. This is part of our Qatar National Vision 2030 projects incorporating eSTEAM sessions, and showcases some fantastic and imaginative art work. #challengetheimpossible

Global Money Week: Following on from our Y10 trip to the Doha Stock Exchange, our KS3 students received fascinating workshops from staff from QNB. Our students impressed the speakers, including Ms. Al Suwaiti, with their knowledge and their interest in global money issues. My thanks to Mr. McAuley, Ms. Doe, Mr. Sadat and Mrs. Johal for organising the trip and workshops and to QNB staff who gave up their time to share their expertise and advice with our students.

School Calendar 2019 2020: We have submitted our calendar request to the MoE&HE and await their response and approval. Once I have this, I will send you the full calendar for next year. Subject to approval, the term dates we have requested are:

Term 1

First day for students: Sunday 25th August

Last day for students: Thursday 12th December.

Term 2

First day for students: Sunday 5th January

Last day for students: Thursday 26th March.

Term 3

First day for students: Sunday 12th April

Last day for students: Wednesday 24th June.


Mr. Laidlaw

Executive Principal