Dear Parents,

We have had another busy month in the primary school. Outside of the usual opportunities to be found in the classrooms or after school, all the students had the opportunity to display their talents at our annual talent show, known as The OryX Factor. We have a talent show for three main reasons:

  • Gives the students the opportunity to perform in front of an audience and show off their talents. Many students have talents but don’t have the opportunity to truly perform. It’s great to sing at home in the shower or bedroom but to get on stage with lights, microphones and an audience is taking it to a different level. Thankfully at Oryx, we have outstanding facilities for this. Also having Mr. Gary in-charge of all audio and visual needs make things more professional as well.
  • It is an opportunity to take risks, build confidence and have a go. These are all attributes that will help and succeed in all walks of life.
  • Life isn’t all about being academic and good at passing exams. I like to use the phrase, school doesn’t just prepare students for exams, but prepares them for life. One of my children wasn’t particularly academic in school and regularly required support and intervention. In some cases children’s self-esteem isn’t good as they appear to be different to others. It is very important that’s schools offer a range of opportunities so children can find something they are good at and can shine. Luckily my child had the opportunity to dance and act, and she was really good at it. As a result her esteem was very high and learned that everyone cannot be good at everything.

The OryX Factor was bigger, better and shinier than last year and hopefully this opportunity will remain and become a feature of the school calendar.

Ramadan modifications to play times:

  • Play on the school field has been suspended as it is too hot to be playing football and running around on the field.
  • Provision has been made for children who are fasting. There is a room which supervised by a teacher where the students can sit quietly, read or relax. This is not compulsory and fasting students can still choose to play in the courtyard or inside the designated areas with their friends.

Parents please note that if your child is fasting please let the class teacher know they are fasting and you do not want him or her to go to the fasting room. Having worked in the region for 10 years, it’s a good idea to still pack a snack in case your child does get hungry during the day. We are here to support you during Ramadan so please let the class teacher know about your requirements.

Thank you in supporting us with the new timings. I do realise that this can be difficult for you but as always you support us with our schedules and timings. The morning gate will close at 8.00 and not 7.55 as previously advertised.

Ramadan Kareem.

Regards,Mr. Madine