Dear Parents,

It’s hard to believe but we have arrived at the end of our first term for this academic year. Looking back there have been many memorable events as well as great learning taking place on a daily basis.

In Primary, my highlight has been the way we have organised the foundation subjects (geography, history, art, design and science) into topics where we have had a cross curricular approach to the learning. The topics begin with a Take-off where the students get ready to learn, and find out what they know already about the topic and pose questions that they want to find answers to. Once this has happened they are ready to take off on their learning journey. At the end they share their findings and demonstrate what they have learned during the term when parents come into school to join us at the landing event. These have all been memorable.

We have some good byes to say to:

  • Mr. D Madine who has a new position with a sports coaching company and we wish him the best of luck in his new venture. The company will be working in Oryx so you will hopefully still see him around.
  • Mr. Harrison who will be returning to the UK to be with his family, and we wish him all the best for his return there. Mr Harrison has taught Spanish to some of our Primary students
  • Mrs. Trindade who has been working at the front of the school will move to a new position in January. We wish her all the best.
  • Mrs. Gallagher who is expecting her baby early in the new year, will be going on maternity leave. We wish her good luck with their new baby.

I trust you will all have a great winter break wherever you are, and look forward to welcoming you all back in 2019.


Mr. Jarlath Madine

Head of Primary