Mathletics is a strategy that can be used both in school and at home. Your children all have log in details.

The objective of using an online resource like Mathletics is to support all the learners in our inter global school. It is an adaptive application that responds to your child's strengths and weaknesses and students instantly know if they are on the right track and can work through the curriculum at their own pace. Children can receive animated support guides through tasks and topics using the 'i' icon in the top right corner. Also using live Mathletics provides the children with a stimulating and exciting environment to learn online.

Parents can also become engaged in Mathletics. If you register, you will get a weekly email about your child’s strengths and weaknesses, what they’ve done that week and how much they’ve used it. If a child is struggling with their Maths at home and parents don’t know how to solve the problem, they can use the help button so they can learn from that themselves and talk through it with their child.

At the minute children have an allotted amount of time of Mathletics on any given day but during this time children can explore the curriculum independently or teachers can assign children work to complete either to compliment what they have learned that week or in order to prepare them for what they will learn in the coming week.

As you may have noticed in the past few weeks some of your children have been receiving certificates in Mathletics. There are 3 levels of certificates - Bronze, Silver and Gold. In order to achieve a Bronze certificate, children must get 1000 points within one week. When your child gets 5 Bronze certificates, they will get a Silver Certificate. Finally, when your child receives 4 Silver Certificates they will receive a Gold Certificate.

Here is a useful link for Mathletics