The transition of power is essential in any democratic environment to ensure different people, with different ideas and values, get to be chosen to lead their own respective groups. The Student Council is a body of leaders and, being so, is loyal to this principle. That is why all the Secondary School forms at Oryx have elected new form representatives. The newly elected students are excited to serve their fellow classmates and ensure every single person in our school has their voice heard. This is something that, as Head Girl and Head Boy, we value a lot.

In addition, we would also like to thank all the form representatives that have served the Student Council for the past half-term. All of them worked hard and helped us innovate and bring ideas to life. The new form reps will continue working on these projects whilst also thinking of their own ways to make our school better.

Furthermore, the box of suggestions and complaints is almost 100% finished and present in every single form at Oryx’s Secondary School. As mentioned previously when we got to share the idea with you, this will help us understand what is going well in the school and what should be worked on to improve our community. This will serve as a direct channel for everyone to communicate with us whilst also not having to expose themselves.

Finally, this month we are looking forward to working with and developing our new student council team. We will be dealing with all the suggestions and complaints that may arise through our newly elected form representatives and acting upon them. The form representatives will be introduced to all of last term’s ongoing projects and they will help to keep them rolling and make them even more effective. We thank all of you for your continued support and wish for another successful, positive and productive term.