Sunday, 6 October

U16 Girls Volleyball (OIS v GEMS American)

The U14 and U16 Girls’ Volleyball teams fought two great battles against Gems American Academy.

U19 Boys Volleyball (OIS v GEMS American)

Well done to our U19 Boys Volleyball team who beat Gems American Academy in 2 sets today for their first win of the season!

Monday, 14 October

U16 Boys Football Congratulations to our Y16 Boys football team and coach Mr. Parmar for a great 3-1 victory over English Modern School in our first match of the season

Tuesday, 15 October

U19 Boys Football (OIS v Sherborne)

Our U19 boys were defeated in our first match of the season against a strong Sherborne side. They fought hard to get on the scoreboard, with the final score being 5-0


Southern District, an indoor athletics event for Years 3, 4 (24th September) 5 and 6 girls and boys (2nd October) which was held at Newton International Academy in Barwa City. A total of 10 schools were in attendance. The children took part in nine events that challenged various fitness components. These included chest push, javelin, standing long jump, standing triple jump, 10x10m sprint, agility sprint, beanbag throw and a balance test.