A group of Year 6 students took part in an Interschool competition on Thursday, 8 November which was hosted by Orbis, who are a charity that provides quality eyecare to developing countries by visiting them and treating them in their flying eye hospital. The students were fascinated to learn about the work that they do all over the world, including the places that they fly to such as India, Vietnam, Ethiopia and Malawi.

Our students competed against and beat others from DESS and Sherbourne schools in activities which explored the five senses, and how they can be affected by the loss of sight. They took part in blind taste tests and had to follow voices around the room blindfolded. Well done to all our students for competing and working together as a team!

Team ‘Eye of the Oryx’ was made up of;

From 6A, Canada- Dylan, Omar and Sheetal

From 6B, USA- Guillerme, Yaswini, Alejo and Avni

From 6C, Mexico- Divyshana, Mohamed and Ganna