Dear Parents

December is upon us and already the end of term is only a few weeks away. The cooler weather has enabled our students to utilise our wonderful outdoor facilities, especially for PE, sport and also at break times. We are fortunate to have some excellent outdoor learning areas which students have also been enjoying. If you have visited the school recently you will have noticed that our central courtyard has now opened. At this time there is still some work being carried out on our ‘Icarus’ statues so we are using the space only as a thoroughfare between buildings rather than an outdoor recreational space. The work on the statues will finish in the next few days and students can enjoy this space at break times.

Our After School Activities are proving popular and I am pleased that so many activities are available. I would ask, however, that if you have a sibling child taking part in an activity and another not, you should make arrangements for the supervision of the child. As in any other situation, if you were taking your child to an activity, you would need to make arrangements for their supervision: it is the same in school. The After school care is only available for parents who are both working and cannot collect their children at 14.00, and then only by prior arrangement.

I would remind you of the amendments to the arrival at school at the beginning of the day. As the roadworks around the school are now subsiding and more parking spaces are available, we will be closing the school gates at 07.30 (the start time of the school day) – apart from Gate 2 which will be for latecomers and is for pedestrian entry only. This will remain open until 07.40 as per our arrangements. This will help us to become more efficient with our registration process in the mornings. Thank you for your cooperation.

Reminder: WINTER FAIR SATURDAY 15th DECEMBER 10.00 – 14.00 I hope many of you will join us for our Winter Fair. My thanks again to the PTSA for all their work planning, organising and arranging our first community event in our new campus. Come along and enjoy a great family day out!


Derek Laidlaw

Executive Principal