Year 10 Stock Exchange

Our Year 10s enjoyed their first school trip to the Qatar Stock Exchange on Monday, 25 March. The students were a credit to Oryx International School and had a very insightful day. On arrival the students were treated to a buffet and put into groups. They were then given a mini competition task of investing 1 million Qatari Riyals in businesses currently listed on the Qatar Stock Exchange. The winning group made a profit of over 1,500 QAR within 20 minutes. The students were then taken to the Qatar Stock Exchange hall where they witnessed the live television broadcast of stock market reporting and were then given a presentation. The staff at Qatar Stock Exchange were very impressed with the knowledge, respect, teamwork and cohesion skills shown throughout the full day by our Year 10 students.

Thank you to Qatar Stock Exchange and our Year 10's for making this an interesting and enjoyable day.

STEM Robotics

We have had an accomplished second term in STEM where our students have researched, built and programmed some creative robots. A group of students are currently competing in an in-house STEM robotics competition where they are building robots for tasks in speed and endurance. The results have been inventive and the students are currently testing, evaluating and carrying out changes to there robots. I am extremely proud of every student that has built these as they have shown excellent resilience, which in turn has produced some amazing results. Well done all.