A word from The Head Boy and Head Girl

Hello! Bonjour! Hola! Namaste! مرحبا Olá!

First and foremost, we would like to introduce ourselves, share a few of our values, how we will be working to achieve the duties that await us and make our brand-new school better and truly one of the best in Doha.

We, Olivia McAuley and Clark Santana, both come from very different places, (as do all the students at Oryx!) Nevertheless, both of us share a passion for learning and for helping others. We became Head Girl and Head Boy to assist the school, representing the interests and needs of all the students, and of course making sure everyone feels as if they are part of the Oryx family. Our main objective is that everyone is happy here.

Alongside the Deputy Heads, Mahnoor, Serena, Alex and Sean, and all the form reps, we aim to make sure that all students have a voice at Oryx. We want everyone to be listened to, and we will do our utmost to constantly innovate and make our community better to ensure that every single one of our peers at Oryx grows, both as a student as well as a person.

From our very first Student Council meeting a lot of brilliant ideas were brought up. This demonstrated of how students were engaged with Mr Laidlaw ‘s concept of Oryx being a community not just driven from the top but also from within.

Finally, we would like to pledge that we and the Student Council will endeavour to represent all students, to find ways to make the learning experience at Oryx fun, effective and most importantly of all unique.

Students council – our life at OIS

Student Council meetings occur once every two weeks and are a perfect opportunity for us to listen to what the students think will help make Oryx a 5-Star School. It was during one of these student leadership meetings that an interesting idea was suggested by one the form reps: the suggestion box! A box through which students can place suggestions and complaints regarding anything related to their experience at Oryx International School.

Each form will have their own box and the form tutors will take care of them. Every week, the Head Boy and Head Girl will open these alongside the Deputy Heads and go through all ideas, suggestions from students alongside the form reps fortnightly meetings. As these notes are anonymous, this will allow students who do not wish to speak to anyone in person to provide their ideas and what they like and dislike about the school and will also allow a communication channel from any student directly to the Head Girl and Head Boy. We hope that this idea will help us to work towards making the school better for everyone.

Students are asking for your support!

We are delighted to announce the launch of the ‘Thank You’ Box appeal.

This will allow each form to prepare a box of essential items and treats for our domestic and security staff. These will be a small token of our appreciation for the daily hard work they do before we arrive and after we leave school. The Student Council and Head students will collaborate to ensure the smooth running of this operation. Please find below a suggested list of items to buy. We look forward to your collaboration and support in this project.

Suggestions of items for “Thank You” box ( male and female). All items to be new and in original packaging or with labels:

  • Non-perishable food items (candy/ sweets, chocolate etc)
  • Clothes items (adults but also children)
  • Toiletries (soaps, perfumes etc..)
  • Toys (children) Stationary (pens, books etc..)