Thank you to everyone for making our first Winter Fair such an amazing success.

Our vision was to provide an event to bring our Oryx family together for a fun family day out to enjoy the world class facilities our fabulous new campus has to offer. We certainly did that and so much more.

It was wonderful to see our children of all ages having a great time throughout the day at all our activities on offer, as well as watching many of our students who gave up their time to perform in the variety of musical and drama performances and to take part in the Fashion Show. To our Head Girl and Boy, Olivia and Clark, a huge thank you for organising a team of helpers from Year 9 & 10 who worked throughout the day helping at various stalls, directing people to the various areas and for bringing our adorable mascots Orry and Orah to life to entertain our children. There was never a dull moment with so much entertainment on throughout the day which was greatly appreciated by everyone. The support we received from all our parents, extended families and from the general public was amazing.

Organising such a huge event involves a great many people who often go unnoticed and I would like to make a special mention to our whole team at Oryx International School for their incredible support and patience in delivering this event in such a professional manner.

A special thank you to our PTSA committee for organising the entire event and for the endless hours of work both in-and outside school ensuring every tiny detail was planned and prepared for. It has been an exhausting task but seeing everything coming together on the day was incredibly rewarding. I am sure all families are more than glad to have their Mum’s back after all the hours they have dedicated to our Fair.

Thanks also to our team of Class Reps for organising their own class and year group activities and for involving so many parents who were all pleased to offer their assistance. For all the hours of work behind the scenes creating their activities and craft work and gathering prizes and donations we are extremely grateful.

To our sound technicians Gary and Kanishka for planning and setting up the sound systems in all zones keeping the music and announcements flowing throughout the day

To our management team for supporting us every step of the way with all our requests and often surprising ideas.

To Denise for organising all the advertising, promotion and photography for the Fair.

To our teaching staff and teaching assistants for supporting all our requests and giving up their time to help on the day and in the run up coordinating the donations and encouraging everyone to come along.

To our Music Staff, Katie and Clare, for preparing and rehearsing all the music and drama performances

To Jefferson, our Facilities Manager and his team for helping us work out the practical logistics of how to meet our long list of requirements

To our Finance department for handling all the cash flow

To our support staff from New Image who played a major role in setting up all the different areas with the equipment required.

To our cleaning staff for restoring our school grounds to normal for the following morning and for maintaining cleanliness throughout the day

To our Security staff who as always kept everything running smoothly for us throughout the day making sure everyone was safe in our grounds

To Dina, our Receptionist, who designed all our posters, programme and banners with such expertise.

The list of people involved in helping to make our Winter Fair such a wonderful event is endless and only proves what an incredibly talented and professional team we have working together every day to make our school the special place that it is. I wish everyone a wonderful holiday and hope 2019 brings all you are hoping for.


Karen Laidlaw

Parent Relations Executive

P.S. AND a very big thanks to Karen for all the hard work, professionalism and time that you put into ensuring that the fair was one of the best in Doha!!